Free Exotic Music Download

Swanky has decided to share some of his collection of vintage vinyl.

The April 2005 offering is:

Polynesian Percussion

George Cates

Dot Records

ウエット ティッシュ 名 入れ

George Cates you likely already know as the front man (other than Larry) of Lawrence Welk's bend. Well, he also did one "Hawaiian" record and it's a classic.

1: Bali Hai

2: Beyond the Reef

3: Chant of the Jungle

4: Drifting and Dreaming

5: Hawaiian War Chant

6: Ka-Lu-A

7: My Isle of Golden Dreams

8: Now is the Hour

9. Pagan Love Song

10. Song of the Islands

11. The Hawaiian Wedding Song

12. Moon of Manakoora